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Wilderness Wanderings

Trip leader: Kevin Mcleod
Destination: Eravaikulam National Park, Mukurthi Grasslands, (Tamil Nadu)
Travel mode: Taxi and Jeep

The aim of this particular trip is for the students to understand the importance of

  "Grassland Ecosystem" and the natural vegetation patterns. The objective of this

trip is to expose the students to the needs of both flora and fauna, also introducing

  them to any invasive plants that are not required for the specific area. This is also
  introducing them to the natural beauty of Eravaikulum and its surroundings, the animals
  that are in this area and their habitats, and to make students aware of the variety of
  available in and around parts of southern Western Ghats, India.

Smell the fresh air and the flowers
Wade through the crystal clear streams
Walk through Sholas and Grassland
See spectacular wild life and flora
Visit to a Toda [tribal] temple

Accommodation: Forest guest house. [basic, rustic accommodation]
CAS component: Action and service
Further details: Mukurthi National Park
Approx. cost: Rs. 9,000-10,000


The video of 2008

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