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Field Trip Week

Save the Children

Trip leader: Ronnie Biswas
Destination: Bangalore
Travel mode: Train

The aims of this trip are to:

1. Work with handicapped, underprivileged children.

2. Experience and empathize with those living under the poverty line.


Sishu Bhavan Mother Teresa’s hom:

Singing to the handicapped children and helping them on wheelchairs to the play area. During feeding time some of us can help with feeding them.
1. Teaching Manju and Shoba to use the computer.
2. Teaching Manu and Sneha
3. Handwork like drawing and craft. Puzzles with some of the children.
4. Teaching some songs in English.
5. For some of the children and helpers photos could be taken and given to them as gifts!

Two Slum schools CC I. CCII In each school the children will be photographed and a little ID will be made for them. Children will fill out information on Patent's name and what they do. These pictures will then be pasted on a Poster which the children with out help will help to decorate with crayons. In one of the schools we will help to make the 10-grained porridge and serve it to the children.
In the other school we will paint their bulletin board and make posters of animals/bird/flowers/ with names. The children will be divided into two groups so that 4/5 will be in each centre. Teach some rhymes and songs with actions. Teach some science concept which 4-5 year olds can understand.
Story telling with puppets, Clay modeling, spray painting or activities with children, the products which they can take home.

Accommodation: UTC
CAS component: service hours at orphanage and special schools; creativity hours for songs, origami art etc.
Further details: Save the Children
Cost Rs. 6,000/-

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