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Field Trip Week

Pearls of Wisdom

Trip leader: Mr. Peter Regulagadda
Destination: Hyderabad
Travel mode: Train and Bus

  • To familiarize students with various aspects of science. (Science component)
  • To encourage students to have empathy towards elderly people and interact with them. (So-Ex component)
  • To have some relaxation and bonding time in Ramoji film city and Snow World etc and taste the famous hyderabadi biryani (Entertainment component).



Hyderabad is commonly referred to as “The city of pearls”. It also home to a number of scientific research organizations such as;

  • CCMB – Center for cellular and Molecular biology (Biology)
  • IICT Indian Institute of Chemical technology (Chemistry)
  • NIN National Institute of Nutrition (Health)
  • NFC Nuclear fuel complex (Physics)
  • TIFR- Tata Institute of fundamental research (Physics)
  • CDFD - DNA finger printing (Biotechnology)
  • Birla science museum(General science)
  • Birla  planetarium (Astronomy)
  • India’s first green building. (Environmental science)

That’s how the field trip has been christened!


Accommodation: Hotel (to be decided) – 3 students sharing a room
CAS component: includes visiting and interacting with the inmates of the old age home run by the “Missionaries of charity” started by Nobel laureate Mother Theresa where destitute old people are taken care of.
Further details:

Fun and entertainment component includes visiting Ramoji film city is the world’s largest film studio (wikipedia), Snow world (world’s largest –, South India’s largest mall – Inorbit mall ( and night bazaar near Charminar and a host of other interesting attractions and activities.

Approx. cost: Rs. 11,000
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