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Field Trip Week

Mad River

Trip leader: Ambrose, Marvin
Destination: Kerala Highslide JS
Mad River
Travel mode: mini bus, canoes

Students will physical interact with the environment (making your own way) and mentally interact with the cultural site of Kerala.


The trip is named after the brand of the six imported 3-man fiberglass type canoes "Mad River". We may try out hand hewn wooden kerala country canoes as well.

Students and staff will paddle their way through the backwaters of Kerala in canoes, visiting sites of interest en route.

A large motorized boat will accompany us , partly to guide and provide a safety vehicle, but we will rotate canoeing with more relaxed lounging in the boat, playing cards and watching the scenery "tourist" style.

Flying kites on the Allepey beach, swimming from the canal sides during breaks in the heat of the day, walking through one of the oldest churches in India, visiting a Hindu temple (complete with temple elephant), seeing a sculptor carving, examining one of the huge Snake boats, and quiet early evening or morning ambles along the river banks past small farm houses and rice paddies will be part of the experience.

The aims of the trip are as follows:

60% ACTION: 80 km of paddling on the backwaters of Kerala.

30% CULTURAL: seeing and experiencing the culture of the backwaters of Kerala.

10% Social Experience: 4 hours of work.

Accommodation: boat, hotel, resort
CAS component: action component "canoeing"
Further details: Kerala Backwaters, Map1, Map2
Approx. cost: Rs. 12,000/-



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