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Field Trip Week

Croc Bank

Trip leader: McLeod, Kevin
Destination: Crocodile bank, Mahabalipuram, near Chennai
Travel mode: bus, train

To do field study of various snakes, including the King Cobra
To introduce students to the concept of wildlife conservation and peaceful co-habitiation between snakes and humans.
To complete social work in surrounding villages


This is definitely not a trip for the light hearted...... A trip full of adventure and hair raising moments ;) . A chance to experience crocodiles, snakes and turtles like you never have before. Learning about different types of reptiles and their habitats. Hands on activities with crocodiles, snakes and turtles.Visits to the Irula village and snake walks with the local Irula tribes men and lots of fun time at the beach. On the whole, a packed week of adventure, fun and work!! So all you animal lovers who are up for a challenge... Sign up now! 

Accommodation: Accommodation on this field trip is rustic.
CAS component: service: social work in surrounding villages
Approx. cost: Rs. 8,000/-


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