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Field Trip Week

IB Art - Hampi

Trip leader: Sandra Shand
Destination: Hampi
Travel mode: train, bus

Documenting the archeological features of Hampi through sketch and photography, and the creation of envrionmental art on site.

Description: This trip is designed to meet the needs of IB ART STUDENTS to have exposure to Indian art and culture, to develop investigation skills linked to their own artistic progress, and to explore some different art skills ,including site specific art, sketching and shading,  learning how to capture a larger scene in a drawing without getting bogged down in details. 

First priority is given to Gr. 11 IB art students, who are expected to sign up for this trip as part of the course requirements.   Other art students (Advanced Art or Art Applications) or students with a proven interest in Art can also sign up, and will be taken if there is space available.

Hampi is a small village in the midst of the ruins of the capitol of the  Vijayanagar Empire, which ruled from Orissa to the southern tip of India at its height.  This capitol city rivaled or even passed Rome at that time, in size and power, as was one of the last Hindu kingdoms to stand against the Mughal power of N. India. 

Today, 22 square MILES of ruins remain, scattered among the Deccan Rock Piles and fields of rice, bananas and coconuts.  Palace ruins, numerous temples and shrines, and small rock structures perched on top of precarious boulders,  along side the Tugenbundra river banks, allow for a variety of exploration and lots of opportunites to  draw.

The terrain can be driven, walked, and bicycled (we do some of all).  Coracle (basket boats ) are used to  traverse the river,  while rock climbing, and spectacular climbs on narrow stone staircases to the tops of hills with ancient temples for panoramic views can also be experienced...a visit to India's largest dam (too big to see across) and a swim in a Hospet hotel pool may be part of the last afternoon's program as well.

Hampi itself is a small town with numerous small guest houses, following a Goa influenced Hippy-type atmosphere, with harem pants and batik T-shirts mixed with souvenir and gypsy artifacts.  Roof top restaurants serve a variety of food types including Italian, Israeli, and even Korean menus! 

A local program to get street kids back to school, may provide an alternative social experience, sharing art and crafts with pre-school and KG children.

To get to Hampi, one has to go through Bangalore.  Visits to Art museums, to see contemporary Indian and Western Art, and a tour of an Art School, as well as a Social Experience program involving sharing or teaching an art or craft can be part of the Bangalore activities, though on the return trip there will be free time to shop and watch movies (if you remember to save some money!).  
Accommodation: Hospet hotel
CAS component: This trip is rich in Creativity, Activity (all that walking, biking and boat riding!) as well as provides exposure to Social experience.
Further details: Hampi in a nutshell; Wikipedia about Hampi; Pictures & Photos
Approx. cost: Rs. 11,000/-


The video of 2008

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