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Field Trip Week

BASIL "Green Team Dream"- Mysore

Trip leader: Bryan Plymale
Destination: near Mysore Highslide JS
BASIL Green Team Dream - Mysore
Travel mode: train

There will be three primary areas of exploration:

1. The Individual and issues of health and nutrition: A critical look at Pollan’s views and their relevance to our lives.
2. The Environment, agriculture and issues of food production: Practical work on the BASIL farm showing how food can be produced in a sustainable way.
3. The Planet, energy issues and our responsibilities as world citizens: The fossil fuel conundrum, soil and ocean acidification. Implications for approach to the broader issues of human attitudes to our ecosystem


Sustainable Lifestyle in the 21st Century

BASIL - Green Team Dream offers a stimulating 6 day program that explores the challenges of living a sustainable and healthy life in the 21st century. The program will be a judicious mix of relaxation, cultural activities and exploring issues regarding our responsibilities as planetary citizens.

Accommodation: BASIL'S Training Center is basic but comfortable. Accommodation is dormitory style. On the banks of the River Cauvery it is located beautifully. Food is vegetarian and wholesome.
CAS component:

- maximum CAS credits.

Action and Service: working on the organic farm, planting trees, hikes.

Creativity: students will be in 3 groups and each group do a presentation on the last day on one of the above themes. These presentations will then be shown to the KIS student body.

Further details: BASIL; Unhappy Meals Pollan
Approx. cost: Rs. 9,000/-



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